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Experimenting with colours!

Did you ever realise that how much colours add to an outfit? Well, the answer is ‘pretty huge! ‘

Colours add a profound twist to a basic outfit! Mixing and matching of boring or simple single pieces can make a brilliant outfit! But, be careful about experimenting, it can sometimes ruin the look making it seem overdressed!

OUTFIT :Here, I experimented with a red blouse and nude coloured flare pants. These both individually are quite simple but matching and styling them together worked wonders in my case!

JEWELLERY AND FOOTWEAR : To match with it, I chose embellished jewels and a heavy bracelet. Matching the footwear with my bell bottoms, I chose golden color in them.

MAKEUP: With the makeup I went completely with nude shades so as to keep it minimal and let the bright red top blouse stand out.

Let me know if you liked my look! Do comment!

Have a nice day! -Arti:-)

Are you a category? -girly or not so girly?

Girly girls and not so girly girls are the ongoing categories.One is placed in these categories on basis of the basic ideas and comfort level in the type of attire opted. But don’t fall prey to social brackets.

I, especially believe that clothing style is a very personal thing but one should find some cooler ideas by stepping out and experimenting!

Who knows what your body type is suitable for carrying?

Here I’m experimenting having an experience of Tomboy look and powerdressimg combined.

1.The plaid shirt over the body hugging inner, the shiny sneakers add to the Tomboy element.

2.The contrasting skinny jeans, black statement belt are the powerdressimg elements.

3.And the other exciting part is, to keep my original girly attire ongoing I made a ponytail (perfect for any outfit) and added (my personal favourites) hoops!!

I think this look turned out to be quite interesting one as efforts are made for it!

Write freely about what you think of this outfit! Always open for more fashion ideas!

What do you think fashion really is?


This being my first blog, I, being really honest want to share my views on what fashion really is, rather what it means to me!

To start with, in my childhood I used to think fashion is all about looking glam,shimmering , extravagant and all sorts of stuff.

But now my views are drastically changed, and ya in a good way of course! Now for me fashion means -being me, being trendy but having comfort as priority! Being cool and being stylish does not mean that you have to kill your comfort !Nooo, not at all. Sometimes ditching the heels and opting for sneakers instead can add that funky spice!

It’s not that wearing short and showing off your skin will make you look extravagant! It may be sometimes but you’ll be damn uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it!There are cooler and not so revealing outfits available. The thing is you have to add that extra effort!

Next is that you experiment! Always try on new trends, but you have to make it wearable, right? We can’t daily wear outfits as if it’s an international fest, right? For eg., ruffles are trendy, but wearing it all over, nay!! Rather to make it wearable ,having it minimal is good! Yep, it’s true that we have to research and and add a few efforts to look effortless!

So guys, here I tried putting up my views about clothing fashion! Hope you like it! Thanks!